California Winery Fires Destroy and Perservere

Fire | Fires Hurt California Wineries

To say it has been a big week in the world of wine would be an understatement. With that being said, there is no way to properly articulate some of the news that we’re sharing this week. The news coming out of California regarding the fires is absolutely heartbreaking, and our thoughts go out to all of those affected. Updates are continuing to come through each day, and many establishments are sharing via social media and news outlets.

Fires Destroy Northern California Wineries

Napa Valley Vintners have reported that at least five wineries have complete facility losses, which likely means the winery buildings themselves. Vineyards are in varying states. A full breakdown of which wineries have been lost is not clear at this time.

While news is still coming out regarding the California winery fires, we know that Signorello Estate Winery has been completely devastated and has burned to the ground. The winery was engulfed in part of the Atlas Peak area fires, which began on Saturday night. This particular fire has affected other wineries in the area, at varying levels of damage. Most owners and residents are not yet able to access their properties to confirm the levels of damage.

Paradise Ridge Winery, in Sonoma, California has been destroyed, along with Oster Wine Cellars, Frey Vineyards Winery, and White Rock Vineyards. While these are the wineries presently confirmed to have been at a total loss, Signorello has reported that some of their vineyards may have survived.

Wineries Damaged by California Fires

Some wineries have sustained damage, but are salvageable. Others have experienced losses of crops and equipment with safe buildings.

William Hill Estate Winery, as pictured in many related news articles, has sustained cosmetic damage. All employees are safe, and everyone seems optimistic about repairs.

While sustaining severe damage to equipment, vegetation, and the property’s crush pad, the winery building at Hagafen Cellars has been confirmed to have survived the fires. There was a great deal of damage, but the most important assets, the people, are safe.

Napa Valley Vintners has shared that numerous wineries have reported damage, but has not shared an extensive list of names.

Fortunately, Many Wineries Have Been Spared from the Blazes

While mother nature has been cruel to Californians and wineries, there are many positive notes to bear in mind.

We have seen varying reports concerning Stag’s Leap Winery, and would like to happily report that the winery, structures, employees, and vineyards are safe. This was confirmed by Stag’s Leap directly.

Conflicting reports have also noted that Nicholson Ranch Winery was completely destroyed. The winery has confirmed that, while in the path of the fire, it was not destroyed and everyone is safe. They are hoping to restore power in the coming week.

Gundlach Bundschu shared similar sentiments, but again, the winery is safe and has sustained repairable damage. The winery confirmed this positive news via Twitter on Tuesday afternoon, also stating that most structures are safe. Sadly, a house on the property was destroyed, but family and staff are safe.

Chateau St. Jean has shared limited information, but closed all properties until it is safe to return. From that, we gather that there are structures to return to.

Mayo Family Winery has escaped the fires, as reported on Facebook. They stated that the winery was spared by “feet” and that they’re continuing with harvest, albeit with limited power and resources. Everyone has been confirmed to be safe.

The Future of Californian Wineries

We must mention that that wineries are far from the only establishments affected, as homes and other businesses in the state are at varying levels of distress. Various news reports have shared stories of survivors and their families. Evacuations are both underway, and coming to a close. We’re keeping our thoughts close to those affected by the fires, and wish the best in repairing and returning stronger than ever.

While this list is most certainly incomplete; we will continue to share updates as they become available. We encourage WineBlotters to your part to help where possible, and for those of you in California – stay safe.

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