Wine Grape Picking, Sorting, and Crushing Methods

Grapes growing - learn about grape picking, sorting, and crushing methods on the WineBlots blog!

As you may well know, wine is one of the oldest fermented beverages in the world. The exact dates are disputed, but it’s said to date back to as early as 7000 and 6000 B.C. Technology has advanced a touch since then, and the methods that we use to pick, sort, and harvest grapes for winemaking have as well. Traditionally, grapes were picked by hand and then stomped by feet. Now, many wineries use machine harvesting and crushing. Sometimes, wineries that no longer use machine crushing host events where patrons can participate in grape stomps! While much less common than …

How Anyone Can Drink Good, Cheap Merlot on a Budget

How Anyone Can Drink Good, Cheap Merlot on a Budget | Image of Red Wine Merlot | WineBlots Blog

Merlot – it even sounds fancy and expensive (sometimes it is). With any kind of wine, you’re likely to be able to find incredibly cheap bottles or very expensive vintages. Sometimes it seems that Merlot holds a stigma of being only for the seasoned wine drinkers, but that’s just not the case. We’re here to help you spot some great, cheap Merlots. 

Port: Not Just the Place to Be in a Storm, but Wine!

Port wine in a glass | Port: Not Just the Place to be in a Storm, But Wine! | WineBlots Blog

Port is Stronger Than You Think Port is fortified. This means that brandy was added to the mixture during the fermentation process, increasing the alcohol content of the wine. Port is only Port when it hails from Portugal, and more specifically, The Douro Districts. Portugese Port production (say that ten times fast) is overseen by the Instituto dos Vinhos do Douro e Porto (IVDP).

Top Canadian Wines to Celebrate Canada 150

HornBlower Niagara Cruise under Niagara Falls. Canada 150 Wines | WineBlots Blog

Have you been on the Hornblower above? Nothing screams Canada more than getting soaking wet under our signature waterfall with a glass of wine! With your red and white on, isn’t it crazy to think that we’re 150 years old? Does that make our country old or depressingly young? Either way, it deserves a celebration like no other and we Canadians know how to dougie/party. That’s why we have decided to celebrate with a little red and white of our own, wine!

The Top Five Silliest Wines Money Can Buy

What's the silliest wine you can find? Check out WineBlot's top picks.

While we like to talk about terroir, vintage, and palate of the wine, we also like to take a step back and laugh. Wine doesn’t have to be all snobby and “pinkies up”. There are wines out there that are meant to be fun not only as a drink, but as an idea. That’s not to say we aren’t going to talk about their taste and features though.