Cabernet: From Franc to Blanc, Great Grapes Indeed

Cabernet is one of the most fascinating wines. Here, this red wine is displayed in a stemless glass.

Cabernet – the tag of the rich and famous, the rolling stones, and aisle end caps. A name that most people have heard of, and yet it’s just mysterious enough to raise some eyebrows. You might be familiar with Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Cabernet Merlot – all popular red wine blends. But have you ever had Cabernet Mitos, Dorsa, or Blanc? Let’s dig right in and kiss the Cabernet!

Syrah: A Red Wine to Remember

Syrah | Red Wine to Remember | WineBlots Blog | A Wine Glass Upside Down

Syrah, sounds fancy, doesn’t it? Syrah is highly applauded around the world as a cut above most wines. According to Jancis Robinson’s Oxford Companion to Wine (Fourth Edition), it’s the world’s sixth most planted grape variety. But what makes it so popular?

The Skinny on the Real Health Benefits of Drinking Wine


Is wine healthy? We’ve all seen the Facebook posts that shout “drinking wine is good for you!” and don’t back it up with any facts. They’re always full of pictures of sangria, and can sadly create some misunderstandings. We’re here to cite some trusted sources so that you know when to pour another, and when to ease up. Hint: always cut off your drunk uncle when he gets into the Boone’s.

Prosecco: Bubbly White Wine for a Summer Night Cap

A bottle of Lamarca Prosecco, so a perfect summer night cap.

The first time I had real Prosecco was only a year ago. I knew what it was, but had never had the opportunity to try any. Some friends and I went to a bar in New Westminster, BC and it was the happy hour special. Well, who can complain about this classic?

i4C17 – A Recap of The School of Cool

i4c17 - International Cool Climate Chardonnay Celebration Tasting Notes, Recap, and Program | WineBlots Blog

The seventh International Cool Climate Chardonnay Celebration (i4C17) was this past weekend, beginning on Friday (July 21st, 2017) and ending Sunday. The first event on the docket was a series of winemaking sessions hosted at White Oaks Resort and Conference center, in the ever-beautiful Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada. This was cleverly donned The School of Cool.

Wine Tasting – The Components of Taste

Giraffe Tasting Wine - Components of Taste

Your mouth is an important part of your body. It allows you to communicate, consume foods, drink wine (among other things), and stick your tongue out at people. It’s a very important part. For wine, it’s essential. As you learn the basics of wine tasting, it’s also necessary to learn the parts of your mouth and how they sense flavours. You might be surprised how different wines can taste on different parts of your palate. While finding wine ratings online can be helpful, many consumer palates are conditioned to rate wines that hit their preference highly, and the do opposite with …