Lobster and Wine Pairings

Atlantic lobster and salad are displayed for a white wine pairing

It’s the end of summer; school is starting, leaves are turning, and it’s time for fall festivities. Summer deserves one last bash though – so let’s talk about a good old-fashioned summer meal: lobster and wine.

First of all, you should know that there are different kinds of lobster. The most popular of which, at least in Canada, is the Atlantic lobster. Atlantic lobster is known around the world for its tenderness and taste. There are some great guides to cooking Atlantic Lobster online. There are also tougher warm water lobsters, which are popular throughout the Caribbean and are sometimes cooked with curry.

Because of the different recipes, the wines paired with each of these meals will be different. What we would drink with a curry is different from what we drink with a Maine lobster roll made with lemon and mayonnaise. There is a general rule of thumb, though, that you might have heard before: seafood goes with white wine.

But the question is, what kind of white? 

L’Acadie Blanc and Atlantic Lobster

Our absolute favourite wine for pairing with seafood is L’Acadie Blanc. If I hadn’t moved to the West Coast, I would never have explored any other options. We wrote about this wine in a previous post, so check it out for a detailed description if you aren’t familiar.

The crispness and acidity in L’Acadie Blanc complement the saltiness of an Atlantic lobster wonderfully, and add a complexity to the robust flavours. The butteriness of the wine rounds out the flavour without harshness or flabbiness.

A top lobster-worthy selection would be the Domaine de Grand Pré’s L’Acadie Blanc.

Chardonnay and Lobster Pairing

Apparently, Her Royal Majesty, the Queen, is a fan of this pairing. If you are serving your lobster with plain butter, go for an unoaked bottle of wine. The Chardonnay shouldn’t be too overwhelming but should serve as a nice gentle complement to the meal. Stick to Chardonnays that are from cool climates for the quieter tastes. Because Chardonnay often has a ‘buttery’ feel to it, we suggest avoiding the softer bottles and sticking with acidity for lobster pairings. This will be sure to compliment the salt and smoothness of the butter without taking anything away from the lobster itself. 

Sauvignon Blanc and Garlic Butter

The minerals in Sauvignon Blanc along with the acidity and herbaceous notes make it perfect for the Atlantic lobster. This is an especially good pairing when the dipping sauce is made with garlic butter. The acidity complements the garlic and keeps the garlic from being overpowering, while not overwhelming the natural taste of the lobster.

Viognier and Basic Butter

The Viognier works for many of the same reasons as the Chardonnay. The smoothness of the wine accentuates the richness of the lobster, and blends nicely with the buttery taste. We highly recommend Viognier if you are dipping your lobster in plain, unsalted, melted butter. The subtle flavours of each make for an incredible treat. 

Other White Wines to Pair with Lobster

In a pinch, any white wine will do. Go for wines that are more mineral and less fruity. The fruitiness doesn’t blend well with the lobster’s natural flavours, but can sometimes match nicely with the sauce used.

A good rule to remember is that the more complex the sauce or preparing of the lobster, the bolder the wine. As for the curry Caribbean lobster mentioned above, we suggest a Gewurtztraminer or a good-old-fashioned rum and coke.

Enjoy your last few weeks of warm weather with good food and good wine!


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